RV Rental Housing Temporary Housing Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that you are comfortable with using a travel trailer as your temporary home from start to finish. During the quoting process, we will do a consultation with you to make sure (1) we choose the best size and floor plan for your need (2) that when we deliver, there are no surprises and you will be able to move in the day of delivery and (3) if any additional vendors are needed for your hook ups, we will coordinate it for you in advance.

We are available to answer every single question you come up with no matter how small it is.

What Power Do I Need For The RV?

RVs require either 50 AMP or 30 AMP RV specific power outlets depending on the size of the travel trailer.

If a live 50 AMP or 30 AMP breaker is available, we can have an RV Power Outlet installed. The power cord is 25′ so we will want to place the travel trailer as close to the power outlet as possible. Extension cords are available in most situations. If a temporary power pole is being installed at your property, we can install the RV power outlet to that panel too.

If you are using a generator for power it is VERY important that the right size generator is provided.

Where Do I Empty The Waste Tanks?

We can connect the travel trailer directly to a sewer or septic connection. The connection must be exposed above ground and within 20’ of the connection on the travel trailer. If a sewer connection is not available, we can provide an external holding tank with weekly cleaning service.

Where Does The Water Come From?

A standard garden spigot is all that is required. We prefer that that water supply is 20’ within the connection on the travel trailer. We can supply extensions up to 200’ but the hose cannot lay in the way of any driving paths. If the property does not have water supply, we can provide an external holding tank and have a water delivery service fill water with use. The cost for water delivery varies on area and water use.

Which Appliances Use Propane?

The oven/stove, furnace and the auxiliary hot water heater are the only appliances that use propane. There are two propane tanks on board the travel trailer. This way when one empties, you have a spare to use while you refill.


Propane delivery services are also available.