RVRO Temporary Housing Testimonials

“I know it’s been a while since we first met and started our working relationship. I want you to know that I am very impressed with the customer service and care we have received. You have been so helpful and knowledgeable of our needs and what we needed on our project. It is truly a pleasure and refreshing to work with a company like yours. I wanted to let you know this for one huge reason! There are not that many people out there doing what you’re doing.

  1. You listened and knew exactly what we needed.
  2. You did what you said you would do.
  3. You followed up with communication.
  4. You made a commitment and fulfilled.
  5. You came to the project and set the trailer up yourself and walked me through the operation of the trailer.
  6. You have been there every week to process billing and to check up on the use of the trailer.
  7. You are great and if I can do anything to help you with references feel free to call.

Your company and management should be very proud to have a person like you on staff!”

-Phil S. 

There is no way to prepare for the destruction of a fire in your home. There are multiple points of contact reaching out to you that you feel unimaginably overwhelmed.

RV Rental Outlet was my saving grace. Although my home was not recognizable, my husband and I were able to find solace in our temporary home. I found comfort in the fact that I was able to monitor who was in and out of my property at all times.

-E. T. 

With my son’s allergies, there is no way we could stay in our house while the floors were being replaced in our house. We stayed in a hotel the first few nights after our flood but keeping up with our everyday schedule was unbearable. We asked RV Rental Outlet to use a specific list of cleaners for my son’s safety. They were happy to comply and the trailer arrived the next day! We are so happy we chose RV Rental Outlet.

-CJ Gard 

I cannot believe how fast the travel trailer was delivered and set at my property! I couldn’t imagine the idea of leaving my animals at my property for months during construction at my home. RV Rental Outlet made sure I had a place to stay and my furr-babies too!

-Jess Lewis 

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