Who We Serve Production Film Crews & Events

Need a makeup truck for your shoot? RVRO has fully climate controlled units designed for the demands of cast and crew. Need a place to go over the days comps? Sit back and start screening from the comfort of a leather sofa in your RVRO temp housing trailer. Does your talent need a comfortable retreat on a longterm shoot? RVRO can keep your actors happy and gives them the privacy they deserve. Your cast and crew can live comfortably on site with the amenities they enjoy at home.

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Production Film Crews & Events Green Rooms

Film and production crews have demanding schedules. From pre-production to early morning call times to late hours on the set, your crew and talent need a comfortable place to call home. While hotels have their place, RVRO temp housing can provide your film and production crew the housing they need right on set.

  • We have the ultimate backstage accommodations.
  • Venues just got larger and more luxurious for music performers.
  • Artists can now relax between sets with their own private rest room, full size refrigerator and kitchen, 2 A/C units, 3 flat screen TVs, satellite and Wi-Fi.
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